Shinmapo Korean Restaurant @SS15 Subang Jaya, Courtyard.

One of my favorite cuisine is definitely Korean and this is definitely a must try!
To all my Subang or PJ friends, you can give it a try if you're into Korean heheh.

It is usually very packed during dinner time (waiting time around 1-2 hours) so my advice is to go for early dinner at about 6 in the evening. I've read quite a number of bad reviews on their Facebook Page but I've heard from friends saying the food was awesome so I decided to just give it a try anyway.

It was my second time there and they didn't disappoint me in any ways.

 Here are some pictures taken with my Fujifilm X-A2 (:

 We only ordered pork belly this time round because none of us quite like sweet marinated meat.
Very succulent and texture is just perfect as how I like my meat :P

 The Sides. The plate behind is actually ingredients for the rice balls.

 Rice Balls were super Yummers!

Just me & food as usual (haha!)
The sundubu jiggae (tofu soup) was also super good.

 Ahjummas' Rachs at work :P

Overall, I would rate this place a 5/5 as I couldn't find a reason to dislike anything & I think the service was up to par and it did met my expectations. Of course, you don't pay for the price of a standard restaurant and expect gastronomy/michelin services right.

Played around with Rach's camera and OOTD taken by her :)

Rachael C.



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