Things to do in Melbourne.

Hello friends! It's been a long time since I've been MIA but I'm back happy now after my Melbourne trip but suffering from a post vacation withdrawal syndrome. I think I might need another getaway soon :D (fingers crossed).

My hubs better be in the first picture on this post in case he reads & take me for another vacay! :P
Anyway, for those of you who might be interested in things you can do in Melbourne, here's a summary of my one week trip in one post.
Caution: Long post ahead!

First on your list should definitely be the wineries.
This vineyard should definitely be on your bucket list if you're a photography person. It is located in Yarra Valley. It's quite far away from the city but hell it was worth the drive! We hired a car to drive ourselves around but if you're skeptical about driving in a foreign country, you can go on a tour.

For wine lovers, there's a cellar with a wide range of fine wines as souvenirs as well.

A tranquilly back garden to sip on your glass of wine.

A cozy little waiting area.

We headed in to the restaurant for lunch. Man, I definitely love the interior of this place!

 Wine, anyone?
Bread with butter & vinaigrette dressing as starters.

For the mains, we had
Black Angus porterhouse, truffled hand cut chips, Cafe de Paris butter.
Wine match - 2013 Tribute Series Fullerton Pinot Noir.

Yarra valley Spring lamb ribs & shoulder, eggplant mousse, sweet potato, lamb jus.
Wine match - 2014 Coombe Farm Cabernet Merlot.

Crisp free range pork belly, pork neck croquette, celeriac apple crush, apple gel, cider jus.
Wine match - 2015 Coombe Farm Shiraz.
(I highly suggest to order this if you're a fan of pork. It's so tender it literally just melts in your mouth! We had 2 servings of these & even looking at the photo now is making me drool away!)

We wanted to just stay sober so Iced Cappuccino it is!

Hot waiter at work.

I think I was just eating myself silly throughout the whole trip. Food is just so so good in Melbourne!

A close up shot of hubby & I after our meals.

And here are some random shots we took with beautiful scenery.
Coombe, Yarra valley
Be sure to book earlier to secure a spot as it is a hot tourist place & is usually pack.
For more details:

We also stopped by another vineyard just to take a look and the view was also as breathtaking. I can't be doing a review on it as we didn't patronize the place. Also just around the area, called Rochford. If you happen to have been there, kindly leave a comment or a review on how it was to share with others ;)

 Random pictures at the souvenir shop @Rochford.

Next up, the highlight & somewhat purpose of the whole trip (An excuse for a family vacation). Nick's convocation @ Monash University.

 Got him a graduation bear as a prop & I believe it's now collecting dust somewhere around the corners.

Hats off to you fresh graduate! Congratulations my precious little baby brother! Make us proud!

A candid shot of my happy family right before the ceremony started.

Just one of my narcissist OOTD shots.

Breakfast in A Thousand Blessings, Richmond. It looks like a little cottage cafe located near the apartment which I was staying in. 

The one thing which I loved most about Australia was almost everywhere I go, I see furfriends!  
They made my day & at the same time I wished for Ruffy to be there with me.
He would be so happy to run around with other pawfriends in the clean parks around the area!!

Pork belly burger with eggs.

Toasts with poached eggs & Portobello mushrooms.

Steak pie.

They're actually brothers hahaha

One of our dinner places @Mercadante, Lygon Street.
Food was good but it was crowded. It was actually my second time here & it is still packed as usual!

Pastas & pizzas as usual. A platter of seafood & goodness. 

Right after dinner, we went for desserts. Forgot the name of the place because it was nothing great.

Parks & Cities

His name was Benson. 
An overweight Retriever who responded to us(strangers) when we called his name lol! 
He was the cutest!

Did some shopping but didn't took many pictures.

My silly boy shoe shopping again. He has more shoes than I do.

Next up is something to die for.. THE MAX BRENNER CHOCOLATE BAR! 
Willy Wonka does exist!!!
 It's probably a no biggie for most of you but it definitely was the shiznit for me.

 S.O.S First aid chocolate box!!!!! I NEED ONE RIGHT NOW!!

 Belgian waffles with some fresh strawberries, ice cream & some heavenly chocolate drizzle.
Hubs had banana cake with choc drizzle. 

Chocolate milkshake with ice cream & frozen chocolate drizzle x333334845973 yummeh!!!

We then had Korean for dinner (Oriental Spoon, CBD). It is very popular Korean restaurant in Melbourne according to friends.
I personally think it is nothing too great or maybe we ordered the wrong stuff but anyway, it was simply just my cravings fixer.

BBQ meat, Kimchi soup & pancakes.

 Random pic of some wall graffiti hehe.

The nextday, we met up with my sister in law for breakfast @Krimpercafe, Guildford Lane. One of my favorite. It was so rustic & warm in there. Feels like home.

 Their cafe name with Halloween deco.

Hot tea on a chilly morning.

Some healthy shake.

 Toast with fruits & edible flowers. Pretty.

Pork burger.

Gaspacho, toast with cucumber & goatcheese.

I love love love artsy back alleys!
Off we went for more shopping right after breakfast :)

Favorite dinner spot: Kedai Satay @King Street.
Many of you must be asking what's the big deal right? It's only satay. Malaysia has it too.
But it's Indostyle satay & the meat is so tender & the sauce just blends so well with the meat.
I don't know if any of you guys would try it but I'm definitely going back if I ever visit Melbourne again!

  Lamb ribs or beef with satay sauce, colorful keropok, salad & rice.
Meat can be changed to your preference.

 Chicken satays as sides.

These pictures were taken at Lower Templestowe at my aunt's. 
I love how peaceful it is there compared to the cities.
It's probably because I sometimes get sick too of the hustles & bustles of city life back in KL.
The streets were so quiet you can actually read a book outside your house without any interference haha but of course I didn't, I preferred to pose & take some good photos instead :P

Sorry aunt's neighbour, I trespassed your place for a photo. 

When you really run out of poses.

We needed some Chinese food as we're very homey people. We fall home sick very quickly even before a week passed! I'm such a loser lol!

Fun fact: Australians call dim sum as "yum cha". They also have another type of dumpling-like cuisine called dimsims so remember when you're there hahaha. You don't want to confuse them or yourself!
 A lovey shot of us :)

Dimsums.. Dimsums.. & more dimsums...

A picture of my beautiful parents.

My favorite candid picture of my cute baby niece, Kayley but she hates me though. :(
My next mission is to make her like me!

Anyway, for good dimsum, you guys can try this place out @Gold Leaf, Springvale. 
It was fully packed but we made a reservations & this picture was taken after the crowd subsided. 
The queue was so crazy!

Later at night, met up with Adele for a couple of drinks & Bourke St. & city toured the place for a bit before we parted. Managed to catch up as it was my last night there & she just arrived Melbourne. She's such a busy woman that I have to catch up with her out of Malaysia. Her place back in Subang is just 5 minutes away from mine by the way hahaha!

Loving the lights of this city!

Before we left home, had some Viet Pho.. 
I have never eaten pho back in KL so I can't really tell if it was really good or if I haven't had better ones but it was really good. 

This place is @I Love Pho, Richmond. 

 Pho with shredded chicken.

 Pho with beef & meatballs.

End of an amazing trip.
I had a great time with my beloved family & it's always the company that matters the most for me.
(if you know me in person, you'll definitely know this for sure. & for those of you who don't, this is me ;)

Disclaimer: The reviews were based on my personal experiences & opinions. I will not be held liable if the cafes/restaurants standards were not up to par/your liking ;P

I'll update soon on my favorite make up products! (some which I bought during this trip too heehehe)
& see you soon loves!

Rachael C.



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